imagep-tag Trademark Violation

imagep-tag Counterfeit item

imagep-tag Utility and Design Patent Violation

imagep-tag Parallel Import

imagep-tag Intellectual property


Product compliance

imagep-tag Inauthentic Item Complaints

imagep-tag Used item sold as new

imagep-tag Listing does not match the detail page

imagep-tag Restricted Product Complaints

imagep-tag Products Not as advertised


Customer Service/ Delivery Performance

imagep-tag Order defect rate >1%

imagep-tag Late shipment rate >4%

imagep-tag Pre-fulfilment cancel rate >2.5%

imagep-tag Valid Tracking Rate

imagep-tag Invoice Defect Rate


Account Health Issues

imagep-tag Misusing ASIN variations

imagep-tag Review manipulation

imagep-tag Product safety complaint

imagep-tag Expired item

imagep-tag Customer Product Reviews Policy Violations


Other Amazon Suspensions

imagep-tag Confirm orders prior to actual shipment of the item

imagep-tag Tax identity/ Verification

imagep-tag Related account suspension

imagep-tag Invoice manipulation

imagep-tag Seller Code of Conduct Violation


Amazon Suspension Appeal Service

We specialize in Reactivation of Suspended Amazon Seller Accounts in shortest time possible. We utilise the experience to write a Bespoke Plan of Action to reinstate your Amazon account, to get you back selling on the Amazon platform at the earliest convenience. Our team writes Appeal letters are 100% unique just like your suspension unlike templates available on the internet. We completely understand the frustration and empathize with your situation which is why we get to work fast! Our group of experienced experts follow different market patterns and innovative headway’s to figure out how to unobtrusively separate our customers from the rest.

Contact us today via Phone, Live Chat or complete the online inquiry form and let us try and relieve you of your stress.


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    Before You Pay Anyone, Give Us a Call, We Are the Only
    Service Providers in the UK, Providing a 100% Refund Guarantee! Other’s Don’t!

    How The Process Works

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    We are a team of Suspension Experts who are enthusiastic and eager about getting your Amazon Seller Account Reinstated and help you succeed as an online business. Amz Sidekicks was founded in 2021, by a young entrepreneur with a background in business technology, business analytics, business administration, a passion for Internet marketing, and a keen understanding on the way to turn web-based assets into profit centres.

    Our mission at AMZ sidekick is writing the perfect plan of action to reinstate the selling privileges with innovation, imagination and originality.

    Our aim is to get you back up and running on the Amazon as soon as possible and to empower sellers to showcase their best products and get it in front of the audience they deserve and where the customers can find and discover anything that you sell online.

    Our Services

    Group 147
    Account Suspension Appeal:

    Rely on our seasoned pros for a rapid, customized, and effective appeal. Start selling again – fast.

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    ASIN Suspension Appeal:

    Get your listings back up – fast – with a custom-tailored plan and actionable preventative advice.

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    Seller Account Protection:

    Prevent account suspension and keep your ASINs active. Our Amazon experts boost your account health.

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    Account Management:

    Let your AMZ Sidekick manage your account – the right way. Spend your valuable time making deals.

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    Account Health Check-Up:

    Let your AMZ Sidekick assess the health of your seller account so you know how to protect it.

    Choose An Affordable Plan.

    72 Hour Service

    Amazon Appeal Letter and Plan of Action

    £349+ VAT

    image-p-tag Unlimited Appeals

    image-p-tag Reinstatement Guarantee

    image-p-tag Free Consultation

    image-p-tag Email / Phone Support

    24 Hour Service

    Amazon Appeal Letter and Plan of Action

    £699+ VAT

    image-p-tagUnlimited Appeals

    image-p-tagReinstatement Guarantee

    image-p-tagFree Consultation

    image-p-tag Email / Phone Support

    We Accept Visa/Paypal :


    What Our Customers Say

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Unquestionably! This is without a doubt the initial step. We explore your record and execution to mind boggling levels with the goal that we can offer you the most fitting counsel.

    In the event that you adhere to our directions and don’t actualize any adjustments in the allure reports, we guarantee you an unconditional promise contingent upon the case and your record status. Amazon claims cycle can go up to 15 dismissals. We esteem our time and your time, on the off chance that we figure the record can’t be re-established, we will quit taking a shot at the case and issue you a full discount. It will be our choice when to finish up the case.

    We will keep dealing with the interest for your record until your record has been re-instated. This will incorporate all the back to back reactions that Amazon requests with respect to your record suspension and initiation. We do an intensive registration for each answer from Amazon and right the mix-ups with the goal that you are back in real life in a matter of seconds

    We are no longer bound by the contract after your account has been restored. For any additional offences, Amazon has the right to suspend the account again. Only one suspension is allowed per service.

    Amazon typically responds between 1–7 business days, although we’ve seen answers take anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks in our experience.

    As your professional Amazon reinstatement consultant, we will provide you with the best service possible, and I will write you a winning Amazon appeal that will provide you the best chances of reinstatement. That said, we cannot ultimately control how Amazon will decide your case as this is the nature of the business unfortunately. Each case is unique with different dynamics and factors; however, we will only take your case if I think we can win it. This is the reason why I have a 100% success rate right now, and we do not believe in leading clients on to simply waste their time or mine. Rest assured you are in very capable hands should you decide to use our services. We have often gotten seller accounts reactivated from Amazon sellers that first went to my competitors to only be disappointed. Don’t waste your time and money on unqualified service providers or amateurs that don’t know what they are doing. Contact me first before you pay anyone and let us get you reinstated the “right” way.

    Post Your Question, Our Sidekick Will Contact You ASAP!

      AMZ Sidekicks Help Amazon Sellers to Reactivate Accounts or Product Listings by constructing a Bespoke Appeal for your Unique Suspension.