Refund Policy

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  • We do honour requests for refunds on the following grounds:

    • Non-Delivery of Services:

      • In the unlikely event that you do not receive a plan of action as described in the service contract that you signed, AMZ Sidekicks will issue you a full refund accordingly within (30) days of such occurrence.

    • Money-Back Guarantee:

      • We will generously offer you a money back guarantee if your Amazon seller account or product listing is not reinstated and all the contractual obligations have been 100 percent met. Please be advised that the money-back guarantee is provided on a case-by-case basis.

    • Contractual Obligations:

      • 1. Modification of the Plan of Action

      • 2. Failure to comply with the Plan of Action such as removing certain listings or making modifications as advised & sharing inadequate information of the suspension.

      • 3. Inadequate information about your invoices or providing manipulated invoices. (We do ask you questions & we expect honest answers so we can find a way out to reinstate the selling privileges)

      • 4. Sharing our action plan on with other service providers without our consent for eg. public websites, seller forums (GDPR)

      • 5. Discontinuing interactions with your third party service provider (AMZ Sidekick) and not sharing adequate information received from amazon.

    • In addition, the money back guarantee is subject to certain stipulations that must be met by you in order to qualify for the full return of your payment as mentioned above.

    • These stipulations will be in the contract you receive prior to using our services and will be discussed with you in full detail should the money-back guarantee be provided to you.

    • We are always eager to assist you and to deliver highly professional support in a timely manner.

    • Contact me at the following email for any refund issues or questions you may have:

    • Email:
    • Please allow up to (24) hours for us to respond. Thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unquestionably! This is without a doubt the initial step. We explore your record and execution to mind boggling levels with the goal that we can offer you the most fitting counsel.

In the event that you adhere to our directions and don’t actualize any adjustments in the allure reports, we guarantee you an unconditional promise contingent upon the case and your record status. Amazon claims cycle can go up to 15 dismissals. We esteem our time and your time, on the off chance that we figure the record can’t be re-established, we will quit taking a shot at the case and issue you a full discount. It will be our choice when to finish up the case.

We will keep dealing with the interest for your record until your record has been re-instated. This will incorporate all the back to back reactions that Amazon requests with respect to your record suspension and initiation. We do an intensive registration for each answer from Amazon and right the mix-ups with the goal that you are back in real life in a matter of seconds

We are no longer bound by the contract after your account has been restored. For any additional offences, Amazon has the right to suspend the account again. Only one suspension is allowed per service.

Amazon typically responds between 1–7 business days, although we’ve seen answers take anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks in our experience.

As your professional Amazon reinstatement consultant, we will provide you with the best service possible, and I will write you a winning Amazon appeal that will provide you the best chances of reinstatement. That said, we cannot ultimately control how Amazon will decide your case as this is the nature of the business unfortunately. Each case is unique with different dynamics and factors; however, we will only take your case if I think we can win it. This is the reason why I have a 100% success rate right now, and we do not believe in leading clients on to simply waste their time or mine. Rest assured you are in very capable hands should you decide to use our services. We have often gotten seller accounts reactivated from Amazon sellers that first went to my competitors to only be disappointed. Don’t waste your time and money on unqualified service providers or amateurs that don’t know what they are doing. Contact me first before you pay anyone and let us get you reinstated the “right” way.

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