Amazon Suspension: Reasons for Suspension and How to Reinstate Seller Account

Amazon Suspension: Reasons for Suspension and How to Reinstate Seller Account

Reasons for Suspension and How to Reinstate Seller Account

Imagine you are doing great sales on Amazon, and all of a sudden, your amazon account got suspended. What a nightmare would it be? It becomes even worse if sales on amazon are your primary source of income. Suppose you are the one who has encountered such a situation; first of all, DON’T PANIC. We are here to guide you to solve the problem at the earliest possible.

First of all, it is very necessary to understand that Amazon provides exceptional customer service. They are not willing to spoil the reputation because of any wrongdoing of a seller. In Amazon, account suspension is a very common thing. But it is also true that your genuine account may become a suspension victim. For all these reasons, read the article to defend yourself for good.  

Before anything, let’s understand the reasons why your amazon account was suspended. 

1. Selling of Restricted Products

One of the prime reasons for the sudden is that sellers are selling restricted products on the platform. Anything illegal, restricted, and unsafe products can be removed from the platform. If a seller is selling using the FBA fulfillment method, additional rules and regulations must be followed.         

2. Neglecting Intellectual Property Complaints

You may have noticed that there are several infringed items available on the Amazon marketplace. For the first time, Amazon will give a final ultimatum to such sellers to rectify their mistakes. But neglecting such a warning will result in suspension.                 

3. Multiple Seller Accounts

To sell stuff online, sellers create multiple accounts, which is against the policy of the Amazon marketplace. However, one can add more than one seller account, and you can apply for an exception to this policy to avoid suspension. Amazon analyses bank information, IP address, physical address, tax IDs, etc., to verify if the seller has more than one account. Sometimes, Amazon may be tagged into the defaulter list if someone has set up another seller account using the same IP address, or physical address, etc. 

4. Buyer’s Pseudo Complains

Amazon takes their buyers very seriously, and that is why seller accounts are suspended over the false complaints of buyers. These complaints are usually for counterfeit products. But, most of the time, when customers are not satisfied with the quality of the product, they report it as counterfeit. There are also instances where buyers label the product as counterfeit labels due to badly conditioned packaging. These were some major reasons for which accounts can get suspended. Others in the list include negative reviews from buyers, changed bank details, unauthorised redistribution of products, hacked vendor pages, and law compliance issues. 

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Tips for Writing an Effective Amazon Seller Suspension Appeal Letter:

Once you understand why the seller’s account is suspended and know the actual reason for it, it is now time to write an effective Amazon suspension appeal letter to reinstate the account. Following are some tips that you can use to write the appeal letter:

1. Explain the Situation

The appeal letter should include your current situation and what went wrong according to you. Although Amazon will have all records about your business, it will be great if you state the true reason and situation. If you think the mistake is yours, you should admit it and promise them not to repeat it in the future.

2. Tell your Action Plan

Once you acknowledge the situation, the next step is to explain the action plan you are willing to take. To increase your chances of reinstating the account, you must state the action you are willing to take, plus it should also acknowledge steps that went wrong. In this letter, also mention the things you will avoid to save yourself from such a situation in the future. You can take the help of professionals like AMZ Sidekicks, who can help you set and write an appeal letter. They provide the best amazon account management services.

3. Create an Easy to Read Structure Letter

The most important tip for an appeal letter is not to write an essay or book. Keep the letter in such a way that it is easy to read. You can create an easy-to-read structure letter. Following is a tip you can use:

  1. Be specific: Without beating around the bush, be specific in the letter. 
  2. Introduction: Give necessary information required to them. Also, mention your situation and what you have learned from the situation.
  3. Admit your mistake: Since Amazon is a customer-friendly company, it would be great if you admitted your mistake and explained why such things happened.
  4. The action was taken after suspension: In this, mention what actions you have taken to rectify the mistake. Give critical details.    
  5. Future action: Inform about the future course of action you would likely take once your account gets reinstated. What are things you will keep in mind to avoid such actions in the future?

4. Don’t Blame the Marketplace

As much as you are frustrated with the situation, keep the most important rule in mind, “Do not blame Amazon”. Be accountable for your own course of action and address the issue patiently. Support your words with relevant documents. For example, your product says Shampoo stating it contains harmful ingredients. Prove your innocence by providing all the lab test certificates and expert reports stating otherwise. 


There is no doubt that suspension hurts the business like anything. Instead of getting frustrated and losing battle, you can reinstate your seller’s account with the help of Amazon Appeal Service providers like AMZ SideKicks. With years of experience handling all kinds of suspensions, such professionals are the right fit. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Unquestionably! This is without a doubt the initial step. We explore your record and execution to mind boggling levels with the goal that we can offer you the most fitting counsel.

In the event that you adhere to our directions and don’t actualize any adjustments in the allure reports, we guarantee you an unconditional promise contingent upon the case and your record status. Amazon claims cycle can go up to 15 dismissals. We esteem our time and your time, on the off chance that we figure the record can’t be re-established, we will quit taking a shot at the case and issue you a full discount. It will be our choice when to finish up the case.

We will keep dealing with the interest for your record until your record has been re-instated. This will incorporate all the back to back reactions that Amazon requests with respect to your record suspension and initiation. We do an intensive registration for each answer from Amazon and right the mix-ups with the goal that you are back in real life in a matter of seconds

We are no longer bound by the contract after your account has been restored. For any additional offences, Amazon has the right to suspend the account again. Only one suspension is allowed per service.

Amazon typically responds between 1–7 business days, although we’ve seen answers take anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks in our experience.

As your professional Amazon reinstatement consultant, we will provide you with the best service possible, and I will write you a winning Amazon appeal that will provide you the best chances of reinstatement. That said, we cannot ultimately control how Amazon will decide your case as this is the nature of the business unfortunately. Each case is unique with different dynamics and factors; however, we will only take your case if I think we can win it. This is the reason why I have a 100% success rate right now, and we do not believe in leading clients on to simply waste their time or mine. Rest assured you are in very capable hands should you decide to use our services. We have often gotten seller accounts reactivated from Amazon sellers that first went to my competitors to only be disappointed. Don’t waste your time and money on unqualified service providers or amateurs that don’t know what they are doing. Contact me first before you pay anyone and let us get you reinstated the “right” way.

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