How to Appeal an Amazon Seller Suspension?

How to Appeal an Amazon Seller Suspension?


You might be relieved to know that amazon suspension accounts are not uncommon. Panic is not a solution; you only need to take a deep breath and relax. For everything else, we are here to guide you in the most detail possible. Jumping a few hurdles firmly is a part of running an Amazon business.

Despite the difficult situation, staying calm is the best thing you can do. Don’t act in a hurry. What makes a big difference in your composed nature ? The good news is that we’ve dealt with plenty of Amazon seller suspension cases before, and we are here to help you in the best possible way.

Why Does Amazon Suspend an Account?

There are plenty of reasons for which your account has been suspended. From selling not according to the seller’s policy strictly to selling restricted products to high negative customer experience rating to account suspension. Following are some major reasons for which an Amazon account can be suspended:

  • Selling Counterfeit Products

Integrity is the core value of the business, especially in the Amazon marketplace. Amazon does not tolerate sellers who sell fake or counterfeit products on its platform. One of the prime reasons for which the seller’s account is suspended is selling counterfeit products.

  • Performance Issues

For Amazon’s sellers, performance metrics play a vital role. There are certain performance standards that each seller has to meet in order to keep the seller’s account active and in play. If you do not meet the expectation, you are subject to account suspension. Following are some standard metrics:

  • Late shipment rate: <4%
  • Order defect rate: <1%
  • Pre-fulfillment cancel rate: <2.5%
  • Valid tracking rate: <5%
  • Not Stick to Amazon’s Terms of Service

Every seller on Amazon must follow its terms of service, and not following them can result in a temporary suspension to a permanent account ban. Following are some actions that result in suspension:

  • Selling Restricted Products

Selling restricted or illegal products definitely leads to account suspension forever. In the same way, selling inferior quality products is also a violation of the policy. You must check out the list of restricted items before starting selling.

  •    Buying Fake Reviews

Buying fake reviews from others is nothing but putting an axe on your own foot. Every year countless accounts get suspended for fake reviews, in spite of buying fake reviews trying to improve the experience of customers for long-term business gain. If they came across fake reviews, the seller’s account led to the immediate suspension.

  • More than one seller’s account

Another violation of the policy that proves to be a costly mistake is creating more than one seller’s account for a single product. In order to sell more products, sometimes sellers create more than one account. If Amazon finds out about the secondary account, then chances are that both your accounts may come into their suspicious rader, which no seller wants.

  • Intellectual Property Violation

Every Amazon seller has to comply with Intellectual property, including property, patent, trademark, etc. Trademark infringement or any violation directly led to the account suspension. Before starting to sell, it is advisable to read the terms of service carefully to avoid such mistakes.

Writing a Plan of Action

Before writing a plan of action, ensure to follow the following tips:

  1. Stay Professional

One of the best pieces of advice to take into consideration while writing a plan of action is to stay professional. Despite all anger or frustration, do not question the Amazon process; in fact, tell them how grateful you are as Amazon’s sellers. Do not threaten them with legal action or any non-professional conduct.

  1. Precise and Factual

While writing, make sure to avoid too many details and keep it very short and to the point. Do not brag about anything; it would be much better if you present your plan of action in short paragraphs and bullet points(if possible). It might be harsh to say, but not everyone will be ready to read the long-form emails as they might have to deal with complaints like yours hundreds a day.

  1. Do not Blame Buyers for Anything

One thing that every buyer must avoid in their plan of action is to avoid blaming buyers for their seller’s account suspension. Even if you think buyers are responsible for your account suspension, “DO NOT BLAME” them. Rather than blaming them, focus on how to reinstate your account.

  1. Tell them about your POA.

In your email, mention the plan of action and tell them what changes you have made in your business conduct to avoid suspension in the future. For instance, if a particular product is getting bad reviews, it would be advisable to take down that product from your selling list. This action of yours indicates that you care about the policies of Amazon, and you are ready to be flexible in your terms to serve buyers in the best interest.

Dos and Don’ts in Plan of Action


Be Precise in your email
State your future action to avoid suspension
Tell them about actions you have taken to rectify the mistake
Stay professional and do not abuse them


Threaten Amazon with legal action
Hurry to submit the appeal
Not accepting the mistakes
Opening a new seller’s account

Hire Professionals

At the end of the day, it is important to understand Amazon suspension happens often. All you can do is hire an appeal service to reinstate the suspended account at the earliest possible. Hire AMZ Sidekicks as we guide our clients with small details to reinstate their accounts at the fastest possible. Our experienced team has the experience to reinstate amazon’s seller account. Call us today for better guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unquestionably! This is without a doubt the initial step. We explore your record and execution to mind boggling levels with the goal that we can offer you the most fitting counsel.

In the event that you adhere to our directions and don’t actualize any adjustments in the allure reports, we guarantee you an unconditional promise contingent upon the case and your record status. Amazon claims cycle can go up to 15 dismissals. We esteem our time and your time, on the off chance that we figure the record can’t be re-established, we will quit taking a shot at the case and issue you a full discount. It will be our choice when to finish up the case.

We will keep dealing with the interest for your record until your record has been re-instated. This will incorporate all the back to back reactions that Amazon requests with respect to your record suspension and initiation. We do an intensive registration for each answer from Amazon and right the mix-ups with the goal that you are back in real life in a matter of seconds

We are no longer bound by the contract after your account has been restored. For any additional offences, Amazon has the right to suspend the account again. Only one suspension is allowed per service.

Amazon typically responds between 1–7 business days, although we’ve seen answers take anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks in our experience.

As your professional Amazon reinstatement consultant, we will provide you with the best service possible, and I will write you a winning Amazon appeal that will provide you the best chances of reinstatement. That said, we cannot ultimately control how Amazon will decide your case as this is the nature of the business unfortunately. Each case is unique with different dynamics and factors; however, we will only take your case if I think we can win it. This is the reason why I have a 100% success rate right now, and we do not believe in leading clients on to simply waste their time or mine. Rest assured you are in very capable hands should you decide to use our services. We have often gotten seller accounts reactivated from Amazon sellers that first went to my competitors to only be disappointed. Don’t waste your time and money on unqualified service providers or amateurs that don’t know what they are doing. Contact me first before you pay anyone and let us get you reinstated the “right” way.

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